Live Takes From The Practice Space

This is a private page which contains all the songs from our Live Takes From The Practice Space digital album.

These are very raw, imperfect, intimate, live recordings of us during the songwriting process. A lot of these recordings are the very first takes of songs, before they were written.

The music player below contains all 33 tracks, so you can scroll through any of them and listen to the music in whatever order you choose.

Below this music player, you can choose to listen to the songs in groups. For instance, one link will take you to songs from our Waiting Place album. Another link will take you to songs from our Transit-Eons record, and so on.

Remember, these are VERY rough live recordings before we had a clue they’d ever become songs! Some don’t even have lyrics yet. You may want to listen to these tracks, then listen to the final versions on our albums to hear how they evolved over time.

The rest of the links are of songs that never actually were released but they may very well be finalized one day. We hope you enjoy this very rare and special collection of music!

Live Takes From The Practice Space
(All 33 Tracks)

Click any of the links below to hear a specific group of songs from this album.

Pre Waiting Place (1 track)

Pre Transit-Eons (5 tracks)

Upcoming Releases (2 tracks)

Live & Cooked Throughout (6 tracks)

Raw Live Recordings (16 tracks)

Super Raw Live Recordings (2 tracks)

Live Acoustic (1 track)