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Countdown To Fireworks – Interactive Indie Pop Storybook (digital download)


What if a synth pop song came to life and pulled you INSIDE a storybook?

This is our first-ever interactive PDF book.

Be taken through a wild ride of crazy characters from far-off dimensions.

Put on your headphones and get ready for a musical mind trip.

This is an intergalactic portal to musical madness!

Be pulled through an alternate dimension of sight and sound, all through this PDF book.

It’s a visual experience that ends in musical insanity.

Meet peculiar creatures from far off dimensions.

Travel new grounds on an undiscovered planet.

Meet a man who has allowed isolation and loneliness to overtake him…lost in a world of cyberspace trapped in the prison of his own mind.

He once lived a life of endless love and beauty.

What happened?

This is a story where dreams & reality come head to head.  Solitude and determination fight until the end.

It’s an interactive musical experience unlike any other.

So, grab your best headphones, and get ready for an interactive musical mind trip.