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Live Takes From The Practice Space (digital album)


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A very rare behind the scenes musical experience.  Take a listen as we furiously write songs live in the practice space…unedited and raw.  These recordings are true gems.  We found them on an old hard drive where we recorded so many song ideas, many of which have ended up on our final records.

These are 33 super raw, live, up close, intimate, unfiltered, unedited, imperfect recordings of us in mad scientist mode as we write music…many of these were first takes of songs long BEFORE they ended up on albums.

This is the equivalent of hanging out with us on a Friday night in our rehearsal space.  Every argument, joke, laugh, and fart is there.  We held nothing back here.  So grab a beer and listen to the songs before they were born.

You’ll find over 2 hours of incredibly rare music recordings here.

Here’s what’s on this album:

  • 6 songs from our two records (The Waiting Place & Transit-Eons), but like you’ve never heard them before!  Being written for the first time when they were babies.
  • 2 songs from upcoming releases…in their infancy.
  • 6 songs that were almost finalized, but never made their way onto an official record…and we still love em’.
  • 18 song ideas that never fully blossomed into full fledged songs, but had so much potential, we may revisit them.
  • 1 live acoustic performance to close it all out.

*Once you place your order, you will receive a special password protected link to access the music as well as an option to download the entire album.