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The Belly Of The Beast – Single – mp3 download


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Song from our upcoming EP, currently unavailable on streaming services.

The creation of this song and music video was a truly incredible experience.

This is the very first time fans and friends have been featured in one of our songs/videos and we couldn’t be more grateful for their help.

We’re amazed at how the final product turned out and it couldn’t have been accomplished without their help.  Without further ado, here are the voices you’ll hear on this track.

Featuring the voices of:

Tim Labonte

Andrew ToTsch

Jamie Moser

Julieta Del Toro

Ronnie Kaplan

Anthony Gossett

Tristan Bingaman

Sai Marie Johnson

Casey Dillon

Heber Uziel Najera Rodriguez

Destiny C Soria

Will Freeney


Sandy Fissinger

Justin Jones


John Taneja

Johnny Gibbons

Andrew eller


im Bingaman

Kai Estrella

Nick Scimeca

Daniel Hernandez

Nicolas Siza

Alison Pope

Sara Bingaman

Mariel Gossett

Annie-Knish Mitchell

Antonio Israel Del Toro

Denese Neu

Grayson Bingaman

Evan Totsch

Esteban Andres Cruz


Isaac Sebastian Del Toro

Jazz Rios

Jerry Makos

John A. Bruder

Michelle Estrella


Emanuel VF

Lorraine Garciacano

Michael Aniballi

Morgan Foster

Ray Arroyo

Richard Krueger

Tony Bingaman

Patricia Taneja

Fingers Del Toro

Ivica Dimitrijevikj