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We Are 1 – Music Box Demo – mp3 download


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Recorded in the Music Box (the Pinto and the Bean rehearsal space), this is a rare and unreleased home recording.  Any song that you find in our store that’s labeled “Music Box Demo”, means it’s a raw mix produced and mixed by the band.

It hasn’t yet found a home in our collection of albums & EPs.

Because songs often change dramatically during the mixing process, this unfiltered demo is a rare glimpse into our own personal recording process during its very beginning stages…music box demos contain songs that are imperfect and raw, which is what makes them special to us.

Music Box Demo recordings give you an opportunity to hear a song closer to its infancy state.  If it’s in our store, it’s because the track has a special place in our hearts.

So, for a limited time, you can grab this download!