The Making of ‘Let’s Make Noise’ Music Video

Exactly a month ago today, we headed out to Michigan to begin filming our third music video for the song ‘Let’s Make Noise’.  If you aren’t familiar with our two official music videos for ‘Midnight Monsters‘ and ‘Robot Wars‘, check them out because we’re total music video nerds and we get all giddy when we’re about to make a new one.

Before we tell you how it all went down, we realize you may just want to jump straight to the video…if that’s the case, then you can check out the video footage below. It’s pretty raw and random – we probably haven’t shown this side of ourselves to P&B fans before…yep, it’s a dorkier side of us and that’s just fine and dandy. So, click on the video below to see the ‘Making of Let’s Make Noise’ video.

Paul’s family has a cottage in Lakeside, Michigan and it was sort of a last minute decision to ask his mom if we could stay there for a week to film this video.  We just needed a room that was large enough to hold a giant black backdrop/curtain that we bought from a fabric store…we couldn’t find a place here in Chicago that was within our budget to rent out for a few days.  So the three of us (Paul, Ivan, and Nick) headed out to the cottage and stayed there for the week.  If you’ve ever been to the ginormous Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo about an hour outside of Chicago, we weren’t far from that.
So, the way it all went down  – we first had to build a structure to hold up the backdrop before we could really do anything else.  There was quite a bit of hammering and sawing going on in order to build the giant frame that would eventually hold up the backdrop.  Then there was the covering up of every single window in the living room where the video was to be shot.  We used dark blankets for this – which is essential for vampires – you may or may not know this, but we are vampires…we need darkness at all times….we didn’t wake up until late afternoon each day when the sun had already gone down so the blankets turned out not even being needed….you know what – let’s just make a bullet point list below of some of the highlights of making the video:
  • Animated pieces.  We built a ship, a heart, and a clock – all using Christmas lights – so they turned out looking like a Lite Brite…that toy from the 80’s that we’ve never actually seen in person, but heard is pretty cool.  The challenge was to animate these Lite Brite objects in the video.
  • The buildings for the city scene were made from broken down cardboard boxes we got from Walmart. We then covered them in bed sheets and finally painted windows on them to make them into buildings.
  • The actual filming of the making of the video.  We came to realize that although we may not be funny…we think we’re pretty funny when we’re holding a camera…sometimes
  • The clothes we’re wearing…not really a highlight and not sure why we wore what we wore, but whatever…
  • The actual structure and backdrop – mentioned in the paragraph above.  Without that, the video would never be capable of existing. 
  • Lights – this is really the motif of this third music video of ours.  It all revolves around lights…Christmas lights. 

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