The Sudden Rush to Record EVERYTHING


– The Sudden Rush to Record All Our Songs
– Stars and burgers in Michigan
– Indie Radio
– The new ‘secret page‘ on our web site

When our 3rd bandmate, friend, and co producer told us he may be moving away, we were in tremendous shock.  So, we decided to rush all our projects.  Since then, Nick has moved his studio into Paul’s house, which happened about a full moon ago.  We’ve been trying to combine our ideas and capture our raw emotions into these recordings.  We think so far, these tunes are sounding really good!  But in the end, you’ll be the judge of that.

Nick setting up microphones around Ivan’s drum set

In between all this recording, we’ve taken some breaks; most recently, we took off to Michigan so that we could speak with the lake and the stars.  Well, that might make more sense to you if you actually go to the place in Michigan we’re talking about; Chicago shines in a way that allows you to see some kinds of stars but not the ones we’re discussing here; the stars we speak of are ones that makes you feel like a little piece of dust in the vast universe.

Paul’s pedal board
Anyway, we found a lot of inspiration over in Michigan, and after feeding our souls with everything the amazing midnight sky has to offer, we went to feed our bodies with the most amazing burger on earth.  We were fully immersed in a sea of cheese, pickles, onions and of course…ground beef…you MUST try it someday, just go to New Buffalo, Michigan, and ask for a “legendary burger”, and someone will surely guide you to the flavor at Redamak’s!  

Legendary Redamak’s burger 

On a side note, we want to thank the independent radio stations that are currently playing our music – even in Europe!!!  We feel that we’re part of the world in some kind of modest way while at the same time we’re proud to be Chicagoland musicians, always inspired by this amazing city and all our friends that hand us flavors and textures which help inspire our songs.



So, that’s about it for now. We’ll continue to record the rest of our music and we can’t wait to share it all with you very soon.  In the meantime, we’ve been recording some home videos and mp3s that we’d like to give you access to now.  We keep them on the new ‘secret page‘ on our web site at   If you’d like to listen/see some  exclusive footage, head on over there now.  Anyway, see you around Pinto and the Bean pals! 

Pinto and the Bean


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