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Paul always wanted to be Megaman…one day…

So, tonight is the night…all our songs are finally 
mixed and being sent off to get mastered.  Mastering is like icing on a cake, in case you’re confused about it (and most people are).  The inside of the cake doesn’t change, and it will taste the same whether there’s icing on the cake or not.  But that icing really makes the cake LOOK appealing.  Well, that’s sort of what mastering is.  A great mastering job won’t mess with the ingredients (individual instruments) on the inside.  It actually CAN’T mess with the ingredients on the inside because it doesn’t have access to them.  It can only polish up what’s already there on the outside and make the songs sound more appealing to the ear.  It’s somewhat of a magical art we don’t fully understand.

Ivan’s prohibiting anyone from seeing these until done
So, now that you’re a pro at mastering, let’s move on…albums usually come supplied with music…but they ALSO often come all dolled up with artwork.  Well, guess what?  We haven’t yet decided on the artwork for the cover of our debut album “The Waiting Place“.  Ivan has been diligently painting up several different album cover ideas based on what we’ve discussed.  
Ivan’s Painting Gear
When he’s finished painting these, we’re going to post a survey on our web site for you to choose your favorite cover.  The majority vote will win.  So, we’ll be in touch when this is all ready to go.  Talk to you soon.

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