Waiting for the Blizzard to hit Chicago

Hi there Pinto and the Bean friends!

Wow, it feels like we’ve been away for quite some time, but really, we’ve been here working on music, and also working on some videos.  Please forgive us for being quiet for so long!  We actually drove out to Michigan this past weekend to film some footage at the beach while it’s still frozen.  It is quite an amazing sight to see, and it is as erie as it is beautiful to be one with nature in the middle of the winter.  Oh, and it was crazy cold there too!  Speaking of winter, we hope all of you in the midwest are prepared to battle the big blizzard of 2011.  Its on its way to Chicago tomorrow night!  It’s actually pretty exciting!


props we brought to the beach to shoot our video



yep, that’s Lake Michigan in the dead of winter

Aside from this, we had a blast of a show at Gallery Cabaret and we thank everyone who came out to make it such a special night!  Our next show is at Double Door on Tuesday, February 15th.  We’ll be going on around 10pm.  If you print the flyer below, you won’t have to pay the $5 cover, so we suggest you bring it with you!  We’ll be playing with other great bands you should check out – Hemmingbirds, Jet W Lee, and Tiny Bones.  Go ahead and print the flyer from here or from the facebook event here.


So, we have been busy but we promise to soon be adding more good stuff to the secret page of our web site; in the meantime we’re also editing live footage of a song we performed in our
practice space, and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s up on YouTube to check out!

Take care and we’ll talk to you shortly!

Pinto and the Bean

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