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Hey there Pinto and the Bean friends!  So, we recently discovered the ease of using Blogger and we’ll be posting our future blogs right from here.  So, summer is almost over and we haven’t said too much since the band name contest.  We don’t mean to be distant, cold, and emotionally detached by not keeping in touch with you and we apologize in case you were wondering where we were.  So below we’ll sum it up for you.  

Things we’ve been up to this summer:

-improving our practice space (which is at Paul’s house) so that it’s not so cluttered and impossible to move through.  It also used to be insanely difficult to clearly hear each other sing & play our instruments, so we fixed that problem by getting rid of all our amps and purchasing just two speakers (which you can see on the floor in the picture).  It really helped clear the room of clutter and noise!

– working on a music video for our song Robot Wars.  Our good friend Nick Palazzo had an idea for the video and another friend Tim Jacobs had the camera talent for the video, and it all came together from there.  The whole video was somewhat accidental and we aren’t even sure it’s finished yet.  But the first day we spent on it, we dressed up as robots with aluminum pans, car sun blockers, and silver make up in  95 degree weather in Michigan on the fourth of July.  Innocent passersby simply cheered in confusion as they witnessed us flying by in a black jeep singing to them.  The best part was being able to rip all the robot gear off and dive into the lake.  We’ll get some pics up of this soon.

building a house out of dry wall for part 2 of the same video just a week ago. 

We performed the song inside this house while flashing lights shined in through the windows.  If you don’t like flashing lights, you may not enjoy the video.  


Also, if you don’t like the color red, you may not like the video. The video seems like it may turn out to be VERY RED!  

 What we think is cool though is that this section of the video was shot with the same camera they used to shoot the movie Cloverfield.               

Aside from this, we’ve been working on new songs, and we hope to play our first show very soon!  Thanks for reading and we’ll be in touch!

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