Making the Midnight Monsters music video

Howdy Pinto and the Bean friends!  Since so many of you have enjoyed and shared our Midnight Monsters video with each other, we decided to post pictures with captions behind the making of the video.

As you already know, the video was shot on Paul’s iPhone; the concept for the video only came to us the night before we shot it.  We were really just thinking about Halloween and what would be something we could give away to our fans before that ghoulish day arrived.  So, Paul and Ivan went out to the dollar store and searched for some props for the video.  That was pretty much it!  Below are pics and their explanations for the Midnight Monsters video…and if you still haven’t seen it, click here or just watch it below! For those of you who have already seen it, scroll down to the pictures!

Some of you thought these outfits in the video
were quite creepy.
Ever break open glow sticks and spray a room
with their liquids?  Well, that’s what you’re seeing
in the second verse with all the glowing liquid dots
Some of you mentioned this part of the video was
your favorite.


Backdrop for the video.  We needed as much
of a black background as possible
Okay, this was from Walgreens because the
Dollar Store was out of this stuff.
As you can probably tell, this was
our makeup for the video.


We actually had to use the fingers of the gloves in order to
make the arms for those dolls.  We never ended up using
that pink guitar and microphone, but maybe one day when
we’re feeling pretty, we will.
Do you remember this guy from the video?


This is Paul’s kitchen where the video was shot.  Those plastic
back drops are actually Halloween table covers, but they worked
great to provide a black background
We had to eat!!!  This sammich was split up amongst the three
of us (Paul, Ivan, and Nick).  If you ever want one of these,
head over to Dominick’s!  They’re really cheap and good!
Paul trying to act serious (not really hard to do)
in front of the backdrop, prior to putting on makeup.
Ivan, thinking to himself, ‘Paul’s pose is cool
and I want to do the same thing’, so he took a
similar picture prior to putting on makeup.

Paul and Ivan all ready to make the video as the white faced
raccoon eyed duo.

We thought this idea was actually really cool and it never made
its way into the video because it was a failed experiment.
Pretty much, the liquid from the glow sticks was supposed
to be sprayed at us by Nick while we  had these eyes on our hands, but
unfortunately, the glow stick liquid didn’t show up well on camera,
so this part was replaced with the scene of Paul surrounded by those
glow dots singing the second verse.

Glow stick juice on Paul’s kitchen floor!

More glow stick juice!
Another shot of the dang glow stick juice
Yet another glow stick juice pic
You can still see that glow stick juice with the lights on.  Neato!
Thanks for reading and checking out the pics!  Talk to you soon.

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2 thoughts on “Making the Midnight Monsters music video”

  1. Stephanie D

    What a great video on a budget!! One of my favorite songs and video ?

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Not sure when this comment was posted, I think something is up with our WordPress and we have to look into it, sorry if this is incredibly delayed! We’re actually working on our next super weird video, also on a low budget, can’t wait to share it with you! 🙂

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