“Name Our Song” contest

Hey there Pinto and the Bean friends!

Thanks again to all of you who helped our  Midnight Monsters video reach an unbelievable amount of YouTube plays in just a few weeks (the mp3 for the song is now available on the secret page of our website)!  We never expected our little iPhone creation to cause so many people to smile (or be creeped out), but we are glad it did.

So, as we finish up recording our final songs, we realized that we still don’t have a title for one of them.  Then we thought it would be fun to have a contest (sort of like our band name contest back in June).  This song is a 2 minute ditty, there’s a trumpet in it, and we yell a bunch of our friends’ names out, so go ahead and download it from our facebook event page and post ANY song ideas that you have on the page.  Are you simply too lazy to take a listen to our new tune?  Well, you could accuse us for being lazy ourselves since we haven’t come up with a name for it yet.  But hey, that’s okay!  Just send us ANY ideas you have even if you absolutely refuse to listen to the song!  Maybe you need lyrics to inspire you.  You can find those at the bottom of this blog entry.

Lastly, we would actually greatly appreciate it if you follow us on facebook (if you aren’t already).  We just figure so many of you are already professional facebookers that it would be a much easier platform to communicate on.  We’ll also be posting the song name ideas you come up with on the same event page.

That’s about it for now!  We’ve got new live footage we’ll be uploading to the secret page of our website soon, and we’ll keep you posted on that.  Thanks for reading everyone!

Pinto and the Bean
The Secret Page


lyrics to our title-less song

You’ve got some kind of disorder.
The doctor said that to me.
My mom said I’m a loser
But I think she’s a freak.
I’ve got a hole in my pocket.
I’ve got nothing to give
And my heart is so broken.
Can somebody fix it?

Joe!  Amy!  Jim!  Jose!

I was never too popular
And I don’t really care.
All the prom kings and prom queens
Never went anywhere.
And now that I’m older
It’s all in my head
That we can’t move the mountains
That we blew up as kids.

Mike!  Ashley!  Nick!  Jose!
Matt! Sara! Beth! Jose!

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