New Ear Candy For Your Listening Pleasure

That’s right we’ve got new songs… new ear candy for your listening pleasure – the first song we’d like to share with you is called “Better Off Alone” – scroll to the bottom of the page and click play on the music player to take a listen.

First of all, we want to say thank you Pinto and the Bean fans for sticking around while we’ve been in hibernation mode.  It means a lot to us.  It seems like we’ve been hidden away from our amazing musical city of Chicago forever.

But the truth is, we’ve been working hard writing and recording songs in our home studio in Wicker Park.  See, we write music all the time, but we’ve got this problem…we never actually finish what we start.  And eventually what we’re left with is a bunch of unfinished songs that we feel have a lot of potential.  It’s our own faults.  We practice and come up with something we love, and leave it unfinished.  Then by next practice, we write something else we love, and leave it unfinished…and so on and so on.  And what’s left is a whole bunch of unfinished songs.

So, I got into an argument with Ivan about it and I said, “Can we just try to finish ONE song by the end of the month?!”  And Ivan came up with the most brilliant solution – now you may not think this is brilliant, but for two guys who are so unorganized, scatterbrained, and ADD, this was sort of a miracle cure for our situation.

Ivan suggested we choose two of our unfinished songs and work on them for two weeks, writing and recording them in our home studio.  By the time the two weeks are up, we must leave them be, even if we aren’t perfectly happy with the finished product.

So we started doing this, and as a result, we’ve accomplished more in November 2013 than we have in the past 18 months combined.  So we’re really proud of ourselves for unscattering our regularly scattered brains and being laser focused on finishing these tunes in a timely manner.

So, without further ado, here is the first new song we’re really excited to share with you.  It’s called “Better Off Alone”, and it was the first song we wrote on this journey to eliminate our ADD.  To check it out, scroll down to the music player, click play, and listen :).  If you’re on our mailing list, this song is a free download from the secret page of our website.  To get this song for free and join our mailing list, click here, enter your email addy, then downlod the song from our secret page.  Enjoy! 🙂


(We have no idea why this Soundcloud player is only showing half of the player…if you prefer, you can just CLICK HERE to listen to the song directly on Soundcloud).

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