Life Safari

We’d like to share another tune with you tonight called Life Safari.

If you listened to the previous two songs we sent out in the past few weeks, you’ll notice Life Safari is much different.  If you didn’t hear our previous two demo releases, click here to check out Breathing Underwater and here to check out Better Off Alone.

We started writing Life Safari over a year ago, but we were never happy with what we had, so the song was thrown away for a while.  But then we decided to work on it again one day.  It’s gone through multiple changes.  At one point, believe it or not, it even had an electronic beat.  So, what started off as a rock song, evolved over time into what you hear now, an African/tribal influenced tune that my mom thinks we stole from Paul Simon.  We really didn’t, although we should take a listen to Graceland sometime.

So, here it is, Life Safari.  You can either play the Soundcloud player below, or just click on the link above it.  We’re so stoked to rock out these new tunes at Quenchers on NYE!

Life Safari

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