Rock The House With Us On NYE!

We’re hoping you had a great holiday.  We spent time being super lazy the few days before and after Christmas. That’s sort of the point of the holidays, right?  Ivan made pozole for a group of friends who devoured it.  Pozole is a traditional Mexican soup/stew, and Ivan is a master chef at making some amazing dishes.  That’s just one of them.  My dog Truman got more gifts than anyone else in my family…interesting that the one who annoyingly barks, publicly humps, and secretly pees & poops in hidden places gets the most gifts too.

So, if you live in Chicago, we’d like to invite you to join us on New Years Eve at Quenchers.  This is one of our favorite bars/venues (actually it’s the reason I moved to Chicago), so we’re very grateful to have been invited to perform.  We haven’t played a show in several months so we’re stoked to rock our new tunes out for you, as well as some old ones.  We take the stage at 9pm, so get there early!  Here’s a link with all the info and scroll to the bottom of this post for the flyer.  It’s gonna be a party and a half, so please do some tequila shots with us, but don’t get us too drunk!  Otherwise, Ivan puts on these red high heels, and dances with a lampshade over his head singing “Tequila”!  It’s pretty embarassing.  

If you haven’t heard our new tunes btw, you can hear them at the following links:

Life Safari
Breathing Underwater
Better Off Alone

You can download these songs free when you join our maling list by clicking here.  Talk soon!

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