Night Rider Official Music Video Release

Hey ghouls and goblins and all other creatures of the night.  SCROLL DOWN BELOW TO CHECK OUT OUR LATEST MUSIC VIDEO FOR NIGHT RIDER.  It’s crazy how quickly it ended up online.  This video was conceptualized, filmed, edited, and released in less than 2 weeks which sort of blows our minds.  Special thanks go to the amazing Andy, our good friend and brain behind the video.  He suggested we film it at an old abandoned church in downtown Gary, Indiana, so we headed out there one Sunday afternoon and shot the whole thing.  Although we had planned quite a bit of the video in advance, we were awestruck by the overall creepy vibe of the church and ended up just being quite spontaneous as we ran through the church like it was our own personal playground, searching for locations to film different scenes.  We also want to thank our good friend Jazz who spent so much of her time getting us all dolled up with makeup and to our friend Adriana, singer of Wonderland Honey, who plays the gimp (remember Pulp Fiction?) in the video.  Lastly, but certainly not least, thanks to our good friend Johnny for helping us out throughout the day with various tasks.  In an upcoming blog, we’ll post pictures from that day and soon a ‘making of Night Rider’ video.  But for now, Happy Halloween.  Enjoy!


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